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Righteous Dawn update!

📚 Since I’ve gone through my already published books, I did a quick addition to my short story prequel, Righteous Dawn, as well: an excerpt from the first book of The Prime Series – The Power of Conviction 😁🙏

📚 For anyone interested in reading the prequel, it is currently offered for FREE if you sign up to my newsletter! You can find it here:

📚 Happy reading!! ❤️

Using Buffer for Social Media

🖋️ Scheduling posts 🖋️

🖋️ We all know life as a writer, and an indie one at that, is more than busy enough without having to worry about social media presence. Added to this, I only recently had my third child and thus been busier than ever. So, I decided to try out Buffer! I have been using it for a while now, scheduling my social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and I really do like it!

🖋️ Pros:
– It saves me time by only having to sit down once in a while to schedule posts (for a couple of weeks at a time), instead of making individual ones every day.
– It has made my posting much more regular, and I don’t have to think about it on busy days.
– Features an easy to use app for the phone since it’s the device I use the most for my social media.

🖋️ Cons:
– Despite being one of the cheaper options, it does need a subscription. There is a free version, but it only allows for 10 scheduled posts at a time so not nearly enough if you run accounts on more than one platform.
– You can’t schedule posts with more than one picture for Instagram. So if I want more than one picture I need to post manually.

🖋️ So all in all, I really do like Buffer and scheduling posts. As the old saying goes: time is money. And this saves me time, even if it does cost money. So for now, I will continue to use it at least throughout the summer and see how I feel by the end

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