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How about some steam?

🌷 Here’s the finished art piece of the scene from The Power of Conviction 😍🙏 It’s when my main characters finally make something happen between them 😂 Damned slow burn 🤣❤️

🌷 But I do enjoy some steam in my books, both with regards to reading and writing. However, the scenes I make myself are of a particular style, soft and elegant, with more focus on the emotions and sensations rather than the more “practical” aspects 😅 I’m happy with how the steamy scenes have come out in the end, and I think they fit quite well with the high fantasy genre ❤️

🌷 QOTD: Do you like some steam in your books? Reading and/or writing!

Do you like boxsets?

🌷 My first boxset is soon to be released!! 🥳🎉

🌷 Yes!! You heard that right. Books 1-3 of The Light of Darkness series will be made into an ebook boxset, scheduled for the 24th of May 😍🙏 I don’t have a preorder link yet, but I will supply it as soon as it’s ready 🥰

🌷 QOTD: Do you like boxsets?

🌷 I love them 😍❤️


Sales alert!!

The first 3 books of the completed Light of Darkness series by Catrin Russell are on sale between the 17th and the 21st of April!

The series is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping high & epic fantasy tales with dark undertones and romance!

As humans engage in a sweeping war against demonkind, a Priestess of the Light is forced to choose between heart and duty.

Fate, prophecies, and an impossible love will blur the very line between good and evil.

The Power of Conviction, FREE (Amazon worldwide): books2read.com/ThePowerOfConviction

The Path of Salvation, $0.99 (UK/US only): books2read.com/ThePathOfSalvation

The Resurgence of Light, $1.99 (UK/US only): books2read.com/TheResurgenceOfLight

Link to the entire series: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08TQJNT3Y

No rest for the wicked!

🌷 QOTD: How do you usually feel when finishing a book, reading or writing?

🌷 To me, when writing, it’s a mix of dread and excitement. But since I’m currently proofreading, it’s all a good feeling, because, you know, progress has been made?! 🤣

🌷 The Path of Salvation has seen its last proofing before audio and is now in @jez.jameson ‘s capable hands! 🎧❤️ So much fun!! I look forward to listening to his recordings, they are so amazing!! 😍🙏

🌷 And also… I have started book 3. No rest for the wicked 😈

Amazing review on The Path of Salvation!

🔥 Sunday Shoutout for the amazing @magicbookcorner and her absolutely fabulous review of The Path of Salvation and the equally brilliant make it out of books photo depicting no other than my Samael in his demonic panther form 😍🔥

Here are some parts of her wonderful review!! 😭❤️

🖋Book Review Time🖋

For a dark, gruesome and heartbreakingly beautiful tale that I absolutely adored!

🖤The Path of Salvation (The Light of Darkness 2) by Catrin Russell

It got 5 epic stars from me

I loved the first book in this series but fell in love with this one here.

The Path of Salvation is one of those books that keep you turning pages late into the night because you just have to know what happens next.
It’s epic fantasy that deftly entwines magic and faith, mystery and suspense, bloody action scenes and moral dilemmas, on the background of a nicely layered good vs. evil battle, topped with a generous measure of feeling. But above all, this part of the Light and Darkness series, is first and foremost a love story. One that any romantic fantasy fan is bound to adore!

Written in a wonderful, elegant prose, this novel has something for everyone.
Love and tenderness enough to make you sigh, for all those in search of great feeling; as well as mystery and suspense to keep you guessing till the very end. Magic and faith, as well as blood and gore scenes aplenty, broken characters and emotionally crippled people, feelings enough to melt a heart and action to keep you at the edge of your seat from beginning to the very end!! And we even get a few beautifully written descriptive love scenes that manage to be super hot while keeping in line with the elegant tone of the narrative.

All in all, because I already held you too much, The Path of Salvation is an excellent sequel that managed to sneak it’s way up onto my shelf of favourites.

A bloody tale of revenge and obsession, hope and redemption, and most of all, fierce love!
Dark, gruesome and heartbreakingly beautiful!
I absolutely adored it!🖤

Read the full review here: https://buff.ly/3LqOuc3

Stiff like a plank – Tuesday Teaser

🔥 Tuesday Teaser 🔥

🖤 Snippet from The Power of Conviction (The Light of Darkness, book 1) 🖤

“Edric!” Anaya called but received no answer. He was too busy chatting to some new recruits further up the road, showing them his embellished shortsword. In her head, she imagined him bragging about his conquests, killing the ghastliest of demons. “Edric Ramsey!” she shouted.

Finally noticing her, he met her gaze. “Sorry, Anaya. I didn’t see you there!” He excused himself to the group, sheathing his blade. Wandering over, he pushed a hand through his blond hair, his face catching the morning sun. He had a slim, but well-proportioned face with defined cheekbones. If only he weren’t so obnoxious, he would have been able to attract any girl he wanted. Lazy to the core, he wouldn’t even bother to try and change in order to settle down with someone, much less make friends. Like Anaya, he would probably die an old loner.

“The High Priest has summoned us,” Anaya said. “Adena and Kaedin are still away, so one of us has to go.”

“Right. Better not make the old man wait.” Edric rubbed his hands together, his eyes agleam.

“You are so disrespectful; it’s untrue,” Anaya grumbled as they started walking.

“Anaya, you need to loosen up a bit. You’re too strict.” Edric shook his head, then laughed. “Any stiffer, and you’d be used as a floorboard in the Temple!”

🖤 For readers who enjoy visceral, gripping high & epic fantasy tales with dark undertones and romance, check out The Power of Conviction! 🖤

🖤 Link: https://buff.ly/2LUjOXC

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