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NEW RELEASE! The Power of Conviction is available on audio!


The audiobook version of The Power of Conviction is now live, and it is going WIDE!! 🥳🎉

It will be popping up on the various sites in the next few days, but I will try to have my books2read link updated! So far, the book is available on Chirp, Kobo & Barnes and Noble ❤️

Link: https://buff.ly/3OV7gcW


As humans wage war against demonkind, a Priestess of the Light must choose between heart and duty. Fate, prophecies, and an impossible love blur the line between good and evil.

The series is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping Epic Romantic Fantasy with dark undertones and steam!


🌺 Map-making, anyone? 🗺️

🌺 Since I got back to writing, I’ve been cleaning up my notes on this project, including the ugly hand-drawn map 🤣 I quite enjoy having a map available when I read, so I try to make them for my own books too 🥰

🌺 This particular map was made using Wonderdraft, then finished in Photoshop 😁🙏 Or, well… Subject to change, I guess, but for NOW, it’s finished 😂

Meet the author!

🌺 Meet the author 🌺

🌺 As many of you know, I’ve been hosting author spotlights on my blog and social media for a whole now. Recently, I overhauled the questionnaire to be more focus on the books, instead of the hybrid type interview I did before. And as a way to showcase this, I decided to do one for myself as a little “meet the author” post. It doesn’t include all the questions, but some ❤️

🌺 5 fun facts about me:
– I’m a trained paediatric nurse 👶 But I recently started working at a house building company 😅❤️
– I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband who offers inspiration for all my grumpy male characters 🤣 He gives me so much wonderful material 😂 (He’s really loving though ❤️)
– The longest flight I ever took was to China together with my mum. Wonderful trip, but many years ago now ❤️
– I live in northern Sweden where the sun doesn’t quite set in the summer 🌞
– The Power of Conviction (The Light of Darkness, book #1) was the first book I ever wrote in English 🖤

🌺 What I write:
My chosen genre is adult High, Epic and Romantic Fantasy with steam, but I also include a touch of Dark Fantasy 🖤

🌺 3 words to describe my style:
Dark, gripping, and sensual 🖤

🌺 My latest release:
I recently released a box set for the first 3 books of the Light of Darkness series! It is currently on offer for only $2.99 😍 You can find it here: https://buff.ly/3sAkvYk

Shout-out for this bit of reader love!!

🔥 Sunday Shoutout to @ivelezauthor for this fantastic review of my box set for books 1-3 of The Light of Darkness series 😍 Thank you so so much 🔥

#WhatImReading comes with the review for the 1st Box Set in the Light of Darkness series by @catrinrussellauthor . I don’t usually review box sets but this one needed my full support. Otherwise, I couldn’t call myself a fan of the Light of Darkness series or Catrin Russell.

Excellent Dark Medieval Collection

I’ve always seen these boxes not as a whole, but as individual books put together, so I’m going to review it as much.

The Power of Conviction: The plot is absolute perfection. Humanity’s dark side is potrayed with such realism for a fantasy, you feel disgusted with the actions of the Priesthood. The scenes painted are gorgeously detailed, gruesomely in case of the battles, the love parts are richly detailed, hot but also elegant and deeply emotional. Here you won’t find crude words normally used in erotica but a fine narrative that shows care and love, from the characters AND the author.

The Path of Salvation: The battles, the plot, the long-awaited ROMANCE, the sex scenes, the hateful villain, the tidbits of demon culture, the love between the protagonist, the “aww” moments, the laughs… Everything was cranked up to 200% wonderfulness.

The Resurgence of Light: The title is literally what this installment is about, light fighting to push through a dark-filled world. The narrative reflects the previous books, quick-paced over a large amount of time. Also, as always, the battles are gory, quick and full of adrenaline while the sex is steamy hot, explicit, but also elegant narrated… In the way only Catrin Russell does.

Just some reader love!!

🔥 Sunday Shoutout to @books_with_madi for her wonderful review of The Power of Conviction 😍 Thank you so much!! 🔥

Repost below ❤️

Book: The Power of Conviction, by: Catrin Russell

•no spoiler review below•

Okay wow I don’t even know where to start, this book was 5 stars without a doubt! It usually takes a few chapters for me to get into a book, but this one had me hooked from the start. We follow Anaya, a demon hunting priestess who’s only ever known that demons are heartless creatures; and Samael, a powerful demon who’s taken an interest in Anaya. The slow burn romance between these two had me unable to put this book down. I finished this in a day, which only ever happens when I’ve got a really good page turner. I think what I also loved so much was the 3rd person pov, but it wasn’t just for Anaya and Samael, we got to see the prospective of all the other characters. This aspect definitely had me falling in love with some of these amazing characters. I love how Samael makes Anaya doubt her beliefs, and exposes her to ideas she’d never thought of before. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the series goes. Trust me when I say, you need to buy this series and experience this amazing world for yourself!! Additional Info: this book has an enemies to lover trope, which who doesn’t love that! I personally would rate the spice in this book a 3.5/5, keeping in mind that’s coming from someone who doesn’t normally read books with spice.

Thank you so much @catrinrussellauthor for allowing me to review this book for you, it was amazing in every aspect and I can’t wait to read book 2!!

Back to writing!!

🌺 Finally back to writing!! 🌺

🌺 It’s been quite some time since I wrote regularly, on any project, mainly due to my studies and the fact I’ve worked on a thesis and whatever else since the start of 2022. Also, working alongside @jez.jameson has been a big part of my “break,” since I’ve wanted to get the Light of Darkness books ready for him and help proof the audiobooks as they are produced. It’s so much fun, but it does take a bit of time 😅❤️

🌺 Anyway, right now, I’ve picked up my next upcoming release, which will be a standalone (hopefully novella) romantic fantasy with some folklore influences. It has so far been lots of fun to write, and I hope people will enjoy it once it’s ready for release 😍🙏❤️ (Also, if all goes well, I’ll be sending this one to Jez to be made into audio too 😘)

Sunday Shout-out to J.C. Seal for this review of my box set!

🔥 Sunday Shoutout to @j.c.seal for this amazing review of my boxset for books 1-3 of The Light of Darkness 🔥

Repost below 🖤

🖤 The first 3 books of Catrin Russell’s completed Light of Darkness series are now available as a box set! And to celebrate the new release, it is currently on sale for only $0.99! 🖤

As I’ve read the whole series and it’s one of my favorites.


Link: https://buff.ly/3sAkvYk

What a ride! Classic Good vs. Evil with a wicked, enticing twist.

What starts out as a story painted in black and white, soon becomes an elaborate painting in various shades of grey, with beautiful highlights and shadows.

This book will grip you and tear you apart. The dichotomy of darkness and light, right and wrong, of logic and heart, of what you’ve been taught to believe and what you feel is right.

Anaya, and Samael. Priestess and Demon, bound to each other through forces beyond their control. Follow their journeys of denial and disbelief, anguish, and yearning, to finally, acceptance of the situation in an absolutely surprising, glorious way.

The side-stories, each mirror a distinct part of the main storyline in a unique way, heightening the reader’s awareness to the underlying, all-spanning struggle of right and wrong.

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