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How about some steam?

🌷 Here’s the finished art piece of the scene from The Power of Conviction 😍🙏 It’s when my main characters finally make something happen between them 😂 Damned slow burn 🤣❤️

🌷 But I do enjoy some steam in my books, both with regards to reading and writing. However, the scenes I make myself are of a particular style, soft and elegant, with more focus on the emotions and sensations rather than the more “practical” aspects ðŸ˜… I’m happy with how the steamy scenes have come out in the end, and I think they fit quite well with the high fantasy genre â¤ï¸

🌷 QOTD: Do you like some steam in your books? Reading and/or writing!

How about some character art?

🌷 QOTD: Do you like to draw your characters, or create fan art for your favourite books?

🌷 I love art! And I know I’ve brought this up before, but art is a big part of my life, one way or another, so I wanted to post about it again ðŸ˜ðŸ™

🌷 Also, I’ve got this new piece on the go… It’s from a pivotal scene in my book, The Power of Conviction. I’ll reveal the piece soon ðŸ¥°

Cover Reveal: Deathfall Wraith


❄️ Here is the finished cover for my latest prequel, part of the upcoming series Darkness Divided!! ðŸ˜ðŸ™

❄️ I’m really happy with how this one came out! I’m feeling like I’m getting somewhere now with my designs ðŸ¤£â¤ï¸

❄️ I’m hoping to have this finished soon! But more news to come! ðŸ¥°

Artwork for an upcoming prequel!

❄️ QOTD: How important are book covers when you choose your next read?

❄️ Okay, I’ll admit it. I do judge books by their covers ðŸ˜¬ But to be fair, they do have to be quite bad for that to happen. I’m generally forgiving both when it comes to covers and editing since I know how much work goes into a book. It has to be on the worse end of bad for me to avoid a book ðŸ˜…

❄️ And speaking of covers! I’ve made the cover for the first prequel of my upcoming series, Darkness Divided 😍🙏

❄️ On the picture, you can see the art I made for it! ðŸ˜ The finished cover will be revealed soon!! ðŸ˜

Character Art: Samael

❄️ QOTD: Do you like book art/character art?

❄️ I love art in general, so anything artsy in relation to my books is bound to be something I enjoy ðŸ˜ Also, I love to draw as well, so I do try to make my own art from time to time ðŸ¥°

❄️ This particular piece, depicting Samael (the male MC of The Light of Darkness), is something I made a couple of weeks back, and I plan on perhaps using it as a character card 😍

❄️ I’ve got more art pieces coming up, my next one being a portrait of Anaya. We’ll see how it goes ðŸ˜…

Final artwork

🌺 Here’s a better view of my latest piece of artwork 😁

🌺 It will serve as the cover for an upcoming standalone, but I’m undecided on font and minor details, so we’ll see how it looks in the end. But until then, I have to say I’m pretty happy with how it came out 🥰

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