Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog over the years. It’s been fun to post everything here too for people to see, even those who do not frequent the regular social media channels.

However, due to my life becoming increasingly busy (now with a house build and a small puppy added into the mix), I have been forced to cut down on certain areas of my author business. I would never let my writing suffer, so new books are in the works, but parts of my social media must unfortunately go. One of those things is the blog, meaning my author spotlights, too, have to go.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in my author interviews, and I am sorry to those who I have been unable to feature before this quite abrupt ending. I might start doing these again in the future, but at present, my best guess is that it will be gone indefinitely.

So, to clarify: I am not going anywhere. My books aren’t going anywhere. I will just not post about my writing here, on this blog, for the foreseeable future.

You can find all the information about my books here:

Also, my art isn’t going anywhere! I have so much more to show now than what I’ve had on this blog. Please, for anyone interested in a commission, be it book covers, logos, character art, promotional pics, etc, check out the dedicated page on my website!

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With that, I wish you all the very best. Love and Light!!