Huge thank you to @magicbookcorner for including Wake of Sins in her best fantasy books mid-year wrap up! I’m so so honoured and absolutely over the moon!! πŸ˜

✍️Mid Year Wrap Up🎁

With the best and worst books this year so far.

✍️Books read: 80 – a bit less than I intended so I’ll need to step on it to catch up.🀞

✍️Page count: No idea cause I suck at maths.πŸ˜…

✍️Most read genres: Fantasy and RomanceπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž

πŸ“šAnd here is the best and worst of this year so far:


πŸ“šWritten in Red (The Others book 1) by Anne Bishop

One of the sweetest books I’ve ever read. The perfect comfort read if there ever was one.

πŸ“šGuardians of the Keep (Bridge of D’Arnath book #2) by Carol Berg

Epic fantasy at its finest by a master storyteller who knows her craft.

πŸ“šWake of Sins (The Light of Darkness book 5) by Catrin Russell

A truly remarkable epic romantic fantasy of the deliciously dark and sensual kind.

πŸ“šAll Systems Red

A damn fine read with a killer main character that anyone will root for. And possibly want as a BFF.


πŸ“šThings We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

A fun and heartfelt read I fell in love with

πŸ“šThe Hopping Hippos by Tirza Schaefer from the Rock My World anthology

A feel good heartwarming read that manages to be laugh out loud fun, smoking hot sexy, and spiritual at the same time.

πŸ“šGoing Down by Jayne Lockwood

A gripping M/M dark romance – surprising, suspenseful, highly entertaining and hot hot HOT!πŸ”₯

πŸ“šThe Reaper by Garry Michael

A damn fine dark MM romance – gripping, compelling, full of feeling and complete with a perfect ‘well… Shit! I did NOT see that coming!’ kind of twist.


πŸ“šThe Beast of The Barrens by Val Saintcrowe

πŸ“šA Mermaid’s Tail by J.C. Seal

πŸ“šThe Vampire’s Toll by Betsy Hayes

πŸ“šPuppy Gets a Master by Amarra Skye


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My answer: First week of summer holiday now, so just trying to wriggle having 3 kids at home while still getting work done πŸ˜…