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1. Hi! Welcome to my humble blog of all things bookish! I would like for us to start by getting to know you. Give us a short bio, please!

J. W. Webb is an English writer living here in Georgia. Mostly he writes fantasy, though sometimes diverts in even stranger directions. His epic saga titled the Legends of Ansu blends the mystic grandeur of JRR Tolkien with the gritty realism of GRR Martin. Webb’s characters are three dimensional and flawed, their world a tapestry of vivid color and constant motion. All the books feature beautiful bespoke sketches by the late Tolkien Illustrator Roger Garland.

2. To get to know you just a little bit better, I’d like to ask you some this or that questions. Answer 5 of these and explain why you chose this or that, or maybe an entirely different alternative!

Winter, spring, summer or autumn? – anything but winter. I’m English – I hate winter.

Cat or dog? – we have both

Tea or coffee? – I drink both, but the tea has to be Britis. I’d rather eat worms than drink Lipton’s.

Morning or evening? – evening

Library or museums? – I prefer a pub

Hunter or gatherer? – Hunter

Witches or wizards? – Witches every time

Ninjas or pirates? – bit of both

Mountains or beaches? Beaches

Plotter or pantser? total pants

Pen and paper or computer/phone? – I can’t read my writin, so computer

Standalone or series? – series

Book or ebook? – Book. Old School.

Hero or anti-hero? Anti-Hero

3. When you look for books to read, what trope or type of story will always catch your attention? 

Anything gripping, I like Historical Fiction, Fantasy, SAS stories, occasionally thrillers.

4. What do you write? Tell us about your current projects and the latest happenings!

I write Epic Fantasy. Finished #13 in my Legends of Ansu series last September, but was very ill last year so am a bit behind. Working on the sequels to my latest mini thread – following on from Dreamslayers, and planning another 6 books to culminate the series. I’m also currently working with a fabulous cartographer who’s designed intricate maps for War Craft and G.O.T and many more – so lots happening.

5. What is your most recent release? Give us a short presentation, cover, and a link for where to buy it!

Dreamslayers is a spinoff from my latest trilogy featuring a few of the survivors (they’re weren’t many 🙂 Gujun – a killer accepts a contract to take out the hated Spymaster of Vendel whose currently MIA. Arraleen Caze, Spymasters daughter and also an assassin determines to stop that happening. I’ve presented this book as a standalone but some reviewers expressed that it would help to read The Berserker Trilogy first.

6. What real-life inspiration do you draw from, and what are your primary fictional sources of inspiration (books, authors, films, music, etc.)? Name a few!

I like history, especially Dark Ages, and mythology – Celtic/Norse etc. I was soldier sometime last century. I’ve travelled extensively and once hitch-hiked from Alaska to Key West. I used to practice Kungfu and still collect swords to act out my fight scenes, though at 61 that can prove hazardous. Also, it stresses the cat. Books, films and music have all played a major part in influencing me as an author. I write about this in my blog:

7. What is your writing routine? If you have one, give us the run-down!

Well for the last 12 months it’s been a mess. But I usually write a book in 2 months, publish every 6. I’m totally organic and break all the rules. But on a regular day I’ll walk the dogs after coffee, get settled and stuck in, scribble away. I write 3 drafts before sending on to my editors. I’m primarily a story teller who learnt to write. I never used a computer before my 40th birthday. I drove big rigs. Basically, I’m a rebel. 🙂

8. If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice as you started out on the path to becoming an author, what would it be?

Research and nail the marketing early

9. Last but not least: where can we find you? Drop those links!



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