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πŸ“š A Beary Little Christmas by Tirza Schaefer

πŸ“š My rating: β­β­β­β­β­

A Beary Little Christmas is a short, fun, and smoking hot read!

Arrow is out on a secret mission when he crash-lands in the middle of a snowstorm. A vision of an angel brings him to the doorstep of a woman with the same name – Angel. There, he gets to know her and her two sons, who are spending Christmas out in the middle of nowhere.

A spark is ignited between Arrow and Angel, and they act on their impulses, but things are about to get even better than that. Soon, a fluffy beast walks into the cottage, intent on eating their pancakes, the event forcing Arrow to admit why he was found out there in a whiteout.

Containing everything one might want from a steamy paranormal romance story, A Beary Little Christmas has witches, shifters, curses, action, romance, hot smut, and hilarious banter! This little pageturner is entertaining from cover to cover, and I highly recommend it!