🔥 Tuesday Teaser 🔥

🖤 Here’s a snippet from my current WIP, The Condemned. It’s part of my unedited first draft 🖤

A pleasurable heat spawned in Gharrus’ belly at her touch, fluttering more and more with each passing second. The pain of knowing he would soon lose her somehow subsided in the moment, making way for sensations he had not experienced in decades. He could barely contain a hungry growl, suppressing the sound in the hopes he might not crumble before her. His body reacted without any concerns about their closeness, and he prayed she wouldn’t press herself against him entirely, for he could never mask his now blatant arousal. Regardless of where his mind drifted, Gharrus only wanted more. To taste her, challenge her to a dance of tongues, or better—to touch her, feel every curve and hollow of her body, his fingers aching with need. But he couldn’t make himself act, cowering under the weight of his regrets. He tried to return to the present, forcing such thoughts aside, and he soon melted against her sweet lips, returning the kiss with subdued eagerness.

🖤 The Condemned – a stand-alone Romantic Fantasy novel, perfect for readers who enjoy dark and gritty fantasy tales with romance and explicit steam 🖤