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πŸ“š A New Family for Christmas by Tirza Schaefer

πŸ“š My rating: β­β­β­β­β­

A New Family For Christmas is an absolutely fabulous little Christmas Tale by Tirza Schaefer!

This heartfelt and endearing love story centres around former Seal Duke, his sweet daughter Cara, and cookie-baker extraordinaire Anastasia. Finding themselves without a roof over their heads, Duke and his daughter accidentally happen upon Anastasia’s bakery shop, and she invites them in for the night.

And herein lies an instant connect, but not the one between man and woman, but the one between woman and child. And it is so sweet! She cares for Cara as her own, and soon she comes up with a plan to change Duke and Cara’s lives forever, even if the solution to their problems may not be based on love between her and Duke.

But you know… sometimes love comes softly.

I found myself smiling many a time, and the budding relationship between Duke and Anastasia is so sincere and respectful. I highly recommend this little Christmas romance!