🔥 Tuesday Teaser 🔥

🖤 Here’s a snippet from my current WIP, The Condemned. It’s part of my unedited first draft 🖤

“Alright. Go ahead—take it.” He offered the fishing rod to her.

Iselyn looked at it for a moment. “Take it?”

He grunted. “Aye, ye’ve obviously got tae hold the rod if ye want tae learn.”

Pursing her lips, Iselyn knelt. She grabbed the rod with both hands and settled down beside him. She lifted it high, the hook dangling dangerously close to her face before she attempted to throw it back out. It landed on the edge of the water.

Gharrus cringed. “Careful now. Ye nearly got it caught in yer hair then. And ye need tae cast it out further than tha’! Ye won’t catch fish on the rocks any time soon.”

🖤 The Condemned – a stand-alone Romantic Fantasy novel, perfect for readers who enjoy dark and gritty fantasy tales with romance and explicit steam 🖤