🔥 Sunday Shout-out to Tuari for his review of my Light of Darkness box set (books 1-3)🔥

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I asked my author friend to recommend a fantasy book to me after I’ve watched a Netflix series and wanted something with magic that wasn’t too far out crazy otherworldly. So she recommended this, her favourite fantasy author. And I’ll be damned but I have to say, she was spot on in choosing the perfect read for me. It’s a great series and I’ll continue with the others as well. Great story, I like the concept of magic, it’s pretty science-based and logical, which appeals, the consistency and that there are limits to it and development in the characters’ abilities to harness it.

The story is really good and the characters are all so distinct and there is a development in their personalities and relationships as well that I appreciate. Really great boxset.” – Tuari Eagleswing, Goodreads Reviewer