🔥 Sunday Shout-out to Beba Andric for her review of my book Wake of Sins (The Light of Darkness, book #5)🔥

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “It’s been a while since I read the previous books in this series, I almost forgot how captivating they were, almost but not totally. Within the 1st 2 minutes of starting this book, all the emotions I had for this series came flooding back! By the end, I leaned back, as one would do after an exceptional meal, feeling fully sated, having savoured every delicious bite in this outstanding tale. So gut wrenchingly powerful, so immersive, I feel like I’ve gone through a wash and spun cycle and come out wrung on the other end, limp and drenched, by the drama and intique. It is so beautifully written, reminiscent of storytelling of old, more prose and poetry, than a mere fantasy novel. The characters! Oh my goodness! They are beyond amazing! Anaya, Samuel, Lilith, Kaedin, Edric, Nia, Benjamin, Gus are equally stunning characters. Their love, their compassion, their insecurities, are intertwined through out this book. The way they protect one another, how they stand together, leaves me with a beautiful warm feeling. Needless to say, yet I must, I ABSOLUTELY AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SERIES!!!.” – Beba Andric