🔥 Sunday Shout-out to @ivelezauthor for her review of my book The Power of Conviction 🔥

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “As the 1st full-length novel of the series, “The Power of Conviction” blew my mind in more ways than one. I expected strong feelings, since prequels 1 and 2 had touched me deeply, but this one threw the ball out of the park. The characters are so lifelike you can’t help but feel connected to them. I love some, others made me angry everytime they appear and one, Ekelon, dissapointed me to the point of tears(not because it was badly portrayed, there’s NOT a single plain character in this book, but because of his actions in this installment). The books takes you through the life of various characters during the span of about year (it may be more, I didn’t keep a good track of the time) and their “adventures”. That’s why you feel the characters so much, because you share a lot of time with them.

Plot is absolute perfection. Humanity’s dark side is portrayed with such realism for a fantasy book, you feel disgusted for the actions of the Priesthood. It’s like you’re reading a dark chapter on humanity’s history, showing exactly how destructive and fanatics we can get. This book shows you how an organization that was created with the purest and honorable of intentions ends up twisted in the darkest of ways. Is a gruesome slap to the face. What the Priesthood does to demons is what we are currently doing to animals, plants and even other humans.

On another note, the scenes painted are gorgeously detailed, gruesomely in case of the battle scenes, and the landscapes can be almost felt with all our senses. Miss Russell’s storytelling has a way to capture our senses and makes us feel part of the story.

And I can’t end this without talking about the sex scenes. As with everything else, the ‘love’ parts are richly detailed, hot but also elegant and deeply emotional. Here you won’t find the crude words normally used in erotica but a fine narrative that shows care and love, from the characters AND the author.

The Power of Conviction is truly a masterpiece from beginning to end.” – I. Velez