🔥 Tuesday Teaser 🔥

🖤 Here’s a snippet from my current WIP, The Condemned. It’s part of my unedited first draft 🖤

The dice rolled, landing on nine once more.

“Cheater,” Marcus repeated, this time with venom. “Bringing weighted dice.”

Perrik shrugged. “I merely do what must be done. A man has to make a living.”

Slapping his open palm against the table, Marcus came to his feet. “By defrauding people?”

This development caught the attention of others, bringing more and more eyes in their direction.

Perrik flicked a pouch open, scooping the coins into it, along with the dice. “Nice knowing you.” He rose, turning away from the table as a hand reached his shoulder. He gritted his teeth. There was no avoiding it now; the veil of thunderous ire fell over his eyes like a scarlet curtain of death.

Clutching a dagger by his belt, Perrik spun. Blood gushed down his arm as the blade bit into Marcus’ neck.

Gurgling and coughing, Marcus sagged to his knees and slumped to the floor. A pool of crimson formed around him as he twitched, then he stilled, falling silent.

So, too, did the entire inn. The music ceased, and the din of conversation died with Marcus.

🖤 The Condemned – a stand-alone Romantic Fantasy novel, perfect for readers who enjoy dark and gritty fantasy tales with romance and explicit steam 🖤