🔥 Epic Romantic Fantasy on audio!! ðŸ”¥

Check out The Power of Conviction for over 10 hours of ear candy by the amazingly talented @jez.jameson!! ðŸ˜â¤ï¸

The book has been released wide and is available on Audible, Chirp, Barnes and Noble, Storytell, Google Play, Bingebooks, Scribd, Kobo, and more! ðŸ¥°â¤ï¸

Link: https://buff.ly/3OV7gcW
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As humans wage war against demonkind, a Priestess of the Light must choose between heart and duty.

Fate, prophecies, and an impossible love blur the line between good and evil.

The series is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping Epic Romantic Fantasy with dark undertones and explicit steam!