🔥 Sunday Shoutout to @ivelezauthor for this fantastic review of my box set for books 1-3 of The Light of Darkness series 😍 Thank you so so much 🔥

#WhatImReading comes with the review for the 1st Box Set in the Light of Darkness series by @catrinrussellauthor . I don’t usually review box sets but this one needed my full support. Otherwise, I couldn’t call myself a fan of the Light of Darkness series or Catrin Russell.

Excellent Dark Medieval Collection

I’ve always seen these boxes not as a whole, but as individual books put together, so I’m going to review it as much.

The Power of Conviction: The plot is absolute perfection. Humanity’s dark side is potrayed with such realism for a fantasy, you feel disgusted with the actions of the Priesthood. The scenes painted are gorgeously detailed, gruesomely in case of the battles, the love parts are richly detailed, hot but also elegant and deeply emotional. Here you won’t find crude words normally used in erotica but a fine narrative that shows care and love, from the characters AND the author.

The Path of Salvation: The battles, the plot, the long-awaited ROMANCE, the sex scenes, the hateful villain, the tidbits of demon culture, the love between the protagonist, the “aww” moments, the laughs… Everything was cranked up to 200% wonderfulness.

The Resurgence of Light: The title is literally what this installment is about, light fighting to push through a dark-filled world. The narrative reflects the previous books, quick-paced over a large amount of time. Also, as always, the battles are gory, quick and full of adrenaline while the sex is steamy hot, explicit, but also elegant narrated… In the way only Catrin Russell does.