🌺 Finally back to writing!! πŸŒΊ

🌺 It’s been quite some time since I wrote regularly, on any project, mainly due to my studies and the fact I’ve worked on a thesis and whatever else since the start of 2022. Also, working alongside @jez.jameson has been a big part of my “break,” since I’ve wanted to get the Light of Darkness books ready for him and help proof the audiobooks as they are produced. It’s so much fun, but it does take a bit of time πŸ˜…❀️

🌺 Anyway, right now, I’ve picked up my next upcoming release, which will be a standalone (hopefully novella) romantic fantasy with some folklore influences. It has so far been lots of fun to write, and I hope people will enjoy it once it’s ready for release πŸ˜πŸ™β€οΈ (Also, if all goes well, I’ll be sending this one to Jez to be made into audio too πŸ˜˜)