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🖤 The first 3 books of Catrin Russell’s completed Light of Darkness series are now available as a box set! And to celebrate the new release, it is currently on sale for only $0.99! 🖤

As I’ve read the whole series and it’s one of my favorites.


Link: https://buff.ly/3sAkvYk

What a ride! Classic Good vs. Evil with a wicked, enticing twist.

What starts out as a story painted in black and white, soon becomes an elaborate painting in various shades of grey, with beautiful highlights and shadows.

This book will grip you and tear you apart. The dichotomy of darkness and light, right and wrong, of logic and heart, of what you’ve been taught to believe and what you feel is right.

Anaya, and Samael. Priestess and Demon, bound to each other through forces beyond their control. Follow their journeys of denial and disbelief, anguish, and yearning, to finally, acceptance of the situation in an absolutely surprising, glorious way.

The side-stories, each mirror a distinct part of the main storyline in a unique way, heightening the reader’s awareness to the underlying, all-spanning struggle of right and wrong.