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by Catrin Russell @catrinrussellauthor

Yes, I have read these books already individually, loved them and given them all epic 5-star reviews and you are welcome to read them on the major platforms and my own blog and social media. Gushing reviews, full of enthusiasm, wild abandon and delight.

This series deserves to be up there with the best like Tolkien, Rothfuss, George R. R. Martin, Terry Brooks and so many others that have delighted the fantasy fans of this world over decades. Mind you, The Light of Darkness isn’t like any of them. The author possesses her own unique style of storytelling and the story itself is also unlike any other. But who wants a copycat? As such you must fail because you can never hope to come close to the original. Because you’re not them, you’re you.
And Russell knows this and follows her own heart, mind and inspiration – and whatever it was that made her bring this amazing series to paper.

The world will thank her for being true to herself and gifting us with a unique story with so many delightful characters that leap off the pages and enthral us with their individual, as well as collective, stories. A feast for anyone who loves fiction. Not only fantasy fans.