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“Salvation is not a destination. … You experience redemption as you travel the road of your existence, through your actions, and that of others.”
“My journey through life is salvation?”
“It is… if you allow it.”

🔥– The Resurgence of Light by @catrinrussellauthor

Gets 5 dark stars from me

This series gets better and better with each book.

🔥The third instalment in The Light of Darkness series picks up straight from the end of book 2, revealing the aftermath of the High Priest’s actions, not only on Samael, but also on the Priesthood itself.

🔥A taint has been left behind on Samael’s mind, which may lead him to a fate worse than the feral if Anaya doesn’t succeed in removing it. A seemingly impossible task, but by far not the biggest hurdle our couple must face. Anaya is now supposed to take up the leadership mantle within the Panther tribe, but not all demons are quite as ready to accept a Priestess as their Matriarch. Especially not after the Priesthood’s former actions. And some will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening.

🔥While book 1 of this series set up the stage and made us wonder about that difference in between right and wrong, faith and obsession, or duty and heart; book 2 brought our unusual priestess-demon couple together, taking us a step further dealing with dark things done in the name of light and justice, as well as the moral dilemma of choosing to either stand back or react when faced with something inherently evil. Book 3 delves even deeper, strengthening the already set relationships and connections as well as broadening the scope.

🔥This time around we get to see if light and darkness can not only coexist but also work together. And the struggle of both priests and demons to make that happen is beautifully achieved. The reluctance to trust going hand in hand with crippling guilt and a hope so frail and yearned for! The play of emotion while beliefs are upended and aspirations completely realigned! Cheff’s kiss for it all!

🔥Written in a wonderful, elegant prose, this novel has something for everyone.
Love and tenderness enough to make you sigh, for all those in search of great feeling; as well as mystery and suspense to keep you guessing till the very end. Magic and faith, as well as blood and gore scenes aplenty, broken characters and emotionally crippled people, feelings enough to melt a heart and action to keep you at the edge of your seat from beginning to the very end!! And we even get a few beautifully written descriptive love scenes that manage to be super hot while keeping in line with the elegant tone of the narrative.

🔥And the best part of it this time, the feeling! Irresistible wonderful addictive feeling!

🔥The Light of Darkness is a bloody tale of revenge and obsession, hope and redemption, and most of all, fierce love!
Dark, gruesome and heartbreakingly beautiful!
I absolutely loved it!🖤