🔥 Tuesday Teaser 🔥

🖤 Snippet from The Power of Conviction (The Light of Darkness, book 1) 🖤

Vixen nodded, clutching the hilt firmly in her hand. Starting over, she chanted the words louder this time. An orb of Light travelled along the edge of her blade, then settled at the tip. In a flash, it spread across the weapon, causing it to glow brightly.

“There you go!” Adena praised. “You have a talent, sister.”

Swinging the sword through the air, Vixen could hear the sparks as they flickered off the scintillated blade. “This is amazing!” she exclaimed.

“Try managing it while in combat,” a voice sounded.

The two women spun, finding Edric standing at the top of the steps once more. His quiver housed fewer arrows, the officer most likely having practised his archery further down the Proving Grounds.

“I am sure I shall manage… sir,” Vixen said flatly, peering at him.

“Work on your speed,” Edric cautioned, pulling an arrow from his quiver. The projectile shone before it even reached his bow, hissing past the women in an instant, then slamming into the ground further down the arena. In a burst of glaring Light, his magic exploded against the stone surface, the force creating a blast wave as the air whooshed past the disciples.

Adena cursed. “You always have to show off, Edric!” she snarled. “Go spend time with someone who likes you! Your horse perhaps!”

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