🌷 QOTD: Do you reread books? And for authors, do you reread your own?

🌷 I rarely reread books, but that’s only because I struggle to keep up with my TBR as it is, so I’d rather spend the time on – to me – new books 🥰

🌷 When it comes to my own work, I do reread the books, but mainly to keep track of the storyline and make sure I don’t make any boo-boos as I go along. But at the moment, my editor and I are also doing a final proofread of The Path of Salvation (book 2 in The Light of Darkness series) since it’ll be going out to my narrator Jez Jameson soon, so he can get that started as soon as we finish The Power of Conviction 🥰 The audio is coming along great, and I’m so excited for when we can finally release these books!! 😍🙏❤️

🌷 Also, a little shoutout for my publisher Fallbrandt Press and their endless patience in allowing me to update the books, so they are as good as they can be ❤️