🌷 QOTD: How important is the blurb when you choose a book? And for authors, how much do you hate writing the blurb? 😂

🌷 I hate writing blurbs. A lot. But the blurbs hate me too, so I guess we’ve found some common ground there… or something? 🤣

🌷 Anyway, the blurb for Deathfall Wraith is finished, so… Here goes 🙈

Deathfall Wraith (Darkness Divided, #0.5)

Fate can never be outrun, much less your father’s killer.

Born an illegitimate son, with no knowledge of his father, Fahd spent his entire life hiding and on the run. Until the day he is brought back to his birth village, and the truth about his paternity comes to light.

Fahd is forced to decide—keep living an outcast’s life, or take a chance and destroy the evidence held against him. An easy choice to make for a young and determined demon. Especially with a lot more than his life on the line.

A dangerous heist at a guarded mansion is only the first step in Fahd’s upcoming quest. One fraught with peril, in which he will need to overcome not only vicious demons, but also his own Darkness, waiting for him to slip and seize control.

A mission with high stakes and a daring gamble shall tip the balance between Fahd’s survival and his certain death.
Will it be a chance at freedom… or a one-way trip straight into a trap?

The Darkness Divided trilogy is intended for a mature audience, containing sensitive subjects including violence, torture, emotional scars, mature language, and steamy scenes.

Darkness Divided is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping high & epic fantasy tales with dark undertones and romance.