❄️ QOTD: Did you list your favourite reads from 2021?

❄️ I sure did!! πŸ˜πŸ™

❄️ By the end of 2021, I managed to get to a total of 90 read books on Goodreads. I didn’t make it to that golden 100, but I think 90 is pretty decent πŸ˜‚ Sure, I’ve got a couple of my own books added as read in 2021 and then some boxsets, but it’s by far the largest number of books I’ve ever read in a year. Plus, they are ALL indie πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

❄️ So which ones were my favourites then? Well, here’s the list, written in no particular order because I will not get into the habit of comparing apples to oranges πŸ˜‚ So, without further ado…

❄️ The Ashen Levels (series) and I Shall Return With Winter (standalone) by @c.f.welburn
❄️ The Lost Boy (comic) by Joshua Grant @diabolic_shrimp
❄️ The Whiskey Eternal by @michaelevan2818 & JMD Reid
❄️ Marked in Roll by @authorstephaniebwhit
❄️ Eye of Obscurance (Fate of Wizardoms series) by @jeffreylkohanek
❄️ Bound in Death by @ angelhaze7
❄️ Housewife by @ karencrawfordmysteries
❄️ Virgin’s Curse by @ j.c.seal
❄️ A Vampire for Christmas (standalone) and A Little Slice of Heaven (standalone) by @ tirzaschaefer
❄️ No Limits (Closer Than Blood series) by @ ladyjaguarwrites

❄️ So many awesome reads 2021!! Go check them out! πŸ˜ I’ve got just as many lined up for this year. We’ll see how many I can get through in the end πŸ₯°β€οΈ