πŸ“š Review time! πŸ“š

πŸ“š A Vampire for Christmas by Tirza Schaefer @tirzaschaefer

πŸ“š My rating: β­β­β­β­β­

A Vampire for Christmas is the fourth Christmas story by Tirza Schaefer, and just like its predecessors, it is a wonderful, yet exciting read. It is packed with sigh worthy romance, lovely characters and smouldering hot smut!

Sienna is a woman who’s been down on her luck. A terrible accident left her on disability pay and her life was on hold until a distant relative passed away, unexpectedly leaving her a fortune.

Deciding to pack up and start a new life elsewhere, Sienna buys a mansion-castle-absolutely-freaking-awesome-place (no no, I’m not jealous… or anything…) along the British coastline, setting to renovate it to fit her needs. As a hidden cellar is revealed during said renovations, Sienna sets to explore the place on her own, and finds perhaps more than she had bargained for.

Oh, Enzo… *swoon* (after a while anyway, lol!)

Sienna, now a rambling mess, tries to come to terms with what she has found – what looks like a dead man, but is really a myth, a creature that is not meant to exist – yet she also feels a connection to him, something deep-rooted and pure. She wonders if she can save him and, in doing so, find out who and what he is.

With fabulous descriptions, a fast, eventful plot, and relatable, heartwarming characters, A Vampire for Christmas is a wonderful, seasonal read, and I loved every single moment reading it. The sexual tension, the longing and lust, makes you flip the pages faster and faster. And that climax! Literally! Be ready for it, for it is sweltering hot!!