🍁 QOTD: For writers – how many drafts/edits do you normally go through? For readers – do you reread books?

🍁 When I write, I first do word vomit into some sort of rough draft, which somewhat resembles a story. Whenever I get to actually look at said mess, reading through it once, I count that as my first draft. Sometimes I do this scene by scene, other times full chapters or several chapters. But once it’s all done, I start from the beginning, reading through and polishing, making a second draft. When that’s finished, it’s sent out to beta readers and my editor to be beaten to death for the final draft πŸ˜‚❀️

🍁 At the moment, that’s what’s happening. Editing has started on book 6, so it will soon see the light of day πŸ˜πŸ™

🍁 When it comes to reading the same book more than once, I’m sad to say it happens seldom. I’ve got too many new books to get through, but I’m hoping to read a few favourites again one day β€οΈ