🔥 Tuesday Teaser 🔥

🖤 Snippet from The Power of Conviction (The Light of Darkness, book 1) 🖤

“Picking herbs again, are you?” The voice was all too familiar, dark and brooding.

“Yes,” Anaya replied.

“What this time?”

Taking a glimpse at the demon, she found him perched in a maple tree. He had a foot planted along the branch, the other leg hanging over the edge. “What’s it to you?”

“Ouch, it stings when you do that, dear priestess,” Samael said, gracefully descending the tree. “Surely, I do not need a reason to speak with you? Getting to know you?” He smirked as he approached.

“Yes, I can really see you being genuinely interested.” Turning her attention back to the leaves, she felt a sudden chill. Gooseflesh covered her arms as he leaned over her, his cloak draping her gown.

“Peppermint, I see,” he said.

“Mm, you are indeed of high intellect,” she muttered.

Coming to his full height, he sidestepped. “I sense some sarcasm here.”

“Proof of my previous statement, clearly.”

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