Check out this author spotlight for fantasy writer Samantha Evans!

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1. Hi! Welcome to my humble blog of all things bookish! I would like for us to start by getting to know you. Give us a short bio, please!

Born in Northern California.  I am a wife, mother to three amazing children, and author of fantasy and adventure. Brings adventure with a mix of fantasy to the pages. Something I love to do is watch movies with my husband. (That’s what happens when I am married to a screenplay author) Also, I love reading books in the fantasy genre. Like for example Game of Thrones, and the Lord of the Rings. Advocate for people who have Russel Silver Syndrome. It is a genetic condition that my youngest son was diagnosed with when he was eleven months old. It affects his growth and will be small in weight, and height by the time he is grown up. Many parents have children with this that is out there. Writing is my passion, and I love creating stories for people to read.

2. To get to know you just a little bit better, I’d like to ask you some this or that questions. Answer 5 of these and explain why you chose this or that, or maybe an entirely different alternative!

Winter, spring, summer or autumn? Autumn. Because my oldest son was born right before Halloween. So Halloween is a time that we treasure a lot as a family.

Morning or evening? Evening because it is the time I can relax. Because I have three children under the age of six. Knowing that it is the time that I can write.

Mountains or beaches? Being a coastal California girl I love the ocean. It can be so relaxing!

Standalone or series? Series is the way to go! Because when it comes to telling a detailed story it can sometimes take more than one book.

Book or ebook? Both of them! Some books are just meant to be a book and not a digital book.

3. When you look for books to read, what trope or type of story will always catch your attention?

It is simple it has to be interesting. More so I love fantasy. Seeing how authors create their own worlds. How they make it interesting.

4. What do you write? Tell us about your current projects and the latest happenings!

Since late 2019, all the way until last year I wrote a four-book fantasy fiction series. Called The Land of the Four Series.

It comprises of these books:

  • Ella
  • Blood Brothers
  • The Secret Son
  • The Other Side

Another series I am creating is already in the works. I have completed one book, and it is with my editor! It is still in the fantasy genre. But it is secretive, and I am not telling hardly anything about it.

5. What is your most recent release? Give us a short presentation, cover, and a link for where to buy it!

I wrote the 4th book in The Land of the Four Series. It is called, “ The Other Side.” People would have to read Ella to understand the book. I will comprise the link to Ella, and The Other Side.


(The Other Side)

6. What real-life inspiration do you draw from, and what are your primary fictional sources of inspiration (books, authors, films, music, etc.)? Name a few!

I use my favorite authors for inspiration. J.R.R. Tolkien created Middle Earth in the lord of the rings! George R. Martin created the Westeros in Game of Thrones. Both authors created their own words and made their stories never boring. Always something happening in the book.

7. What is your writing routine? If you have one, give us the run-down!

Simple I wait till my children are asleep. I write from like 8:30 at night, and I see what I have done around 11 at night. Sometimes I continue on until I cannot write for the rest of the night.

8. If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice as you started out on the path to become an author, what would it be?

I would talk about Marketing! Because when you are a self-published author marketing is what people have to do themselves. It is hard, and I did not know the art of it until I was writing for over six months.

9. Last but not least: where can we find you? Drop those links!

Here are all my social media links: