❄️ December update – week 1 ❄️

❄️ First off – we’re already a week into December!! What happened!? 😂

❄️ And second, yes, I’ve still been writing even though I’m at the editing stage of book 4 in The Prime Series 😅 I was meant to take it easier over the holidays now, and focus on only the editing and some plotting, but a story that has been nagging at the back of my head just had to come out 🤣

❄️ And that pretty much sums up my progress: Book 4 is in edit, a new short story is almost finished for betareading, I’m formatting book 3, and I’ve also got a cool little addition planned for the upcoming Fallbrandt editions of my books 😁🙏 Stay tuned for more!! 😍

❄️ Bring on week 2!! 🥰