🌑 And They Were Never Heard From Again by Benedict Patrick

🌑 My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A grim and dark folklore story, the cautionary tale And They Were Never Heard From Again tells the adventure of young Felton and his even younger brother Tad, as the two of them set off for a nearby village. The problem arises as they venture back through the forest, and they find themselves too late – the bell tolls in the distance, and they are locked outside with the monsters of the night.

Their only hope for salvation lies with the Magpie King, and the boys pray he hears their pleas. Otherwise, they will not survive the night.

“A story is a dangerous thing, Felton Herder. We must value them, we must be careful with them. Set one loose on the world, and you lose all control over your own creation.”

This is an excellent short story, gripping, and brilliantly executed with wonderful characters, terrifying creatures of nightmare, and with a moral just as applicable to today’s society as it would have been one of old.

A solid 5 stars! I will definitely be looking into this series in the near future.